Be Aware - Fraudulent CP2000s are arriving in mailboxes

Attention: The next tax scam may already be in your mailbox!

Our office has been informed that some taxpayers are receiving fake CP2000 forms demanding payment.  Do not pay these requests without checking on a few things:

Fraudulent notices are asking you to make the check out to "I.R.S."  

  • The Internal Revenue Service will only ask for payments to be made to the "United States Treasury".

Fraudulent notices are asking you to mail the payment to an address that resembles, but is not actually an address for Internal Revenue Service payment processing

  • Check to be sure the payment return address matches an address associated with the Internal Revenue Service

If you're still unsure, before becoming the next victim of fraud, consult your tax professional.

Joe DeVitis | 09/22/2016

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